BioZone Bio Media


BioZone is a light weight polyethylene medium used in biological filters in aquaculture, domestic ponds, tropical and marine aquariums. It provides a large surface area for bio-film development. It is used in both static or moving bed biological filters.

BioZone Offers

  • Hi-tec zone for rapid bacterial development in the water purification process.
  • Media can be used either as a static or fluidized bed in almost any type of filter chamber (tangential flow, vertical flow, vortex, fluidized bed, trickle towers, etc.).
  • BioZone’s six chamber spinners have huge surface area for biofilm development.
  • Positively buoyant – will not sink to the bottom of filters (reduces dead spots).
  • Light weight for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Made from high density polyethylene and corrosion resistant.

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