Koromo Koi Variety


Koromo are a rare group of Koi, they can be classed into three major variations and three lesser variations.

The three major variations are:
(Ai-Goromo) (Budo-Goromo) (Sumi-Goromo)
This is the result of breeding Kohaku to Asagi. The red (Hi) tends to be more orange.
The best effect of the Koromo is obtained when the red (Hi) is contrasted against a thick ground of unblemished white.
The patterning of the scales should resemble clusters of grapes. The black (Sumi) of the fish is overlaid onto the red (Hi) creating a purplish inner area on each scale. This fish is a darker black (Sumi). The scalation appears to be filled with black & doesn’t appear as clearly defined as Ai-Goromo & Budo-Goromo.
The three lessar variations are:
(Budo-Sanke) (Koromo-Sanke) (Koromo-Showa)
A hybrid of Asagi & Sanke. Hybrid Ai-Goromo & Sanke. Hybrid Ai-Goromo & Showa.

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