Kinginrin Koi Variety

"Meaning Golden, Silvery Scale"

Kinginrin refers to the sparkling scales that appear as golden over red (Hi) patterns and silvery over black (Sumi) / white (Shiro) patterns. Many Koi varieties can be crossbred to have Kin Gin Rin scales, however the fish require at least two clear rows of Kin Gin Rin scales to be re-classified into the Kinginrin variety.

The four types Kin Gin Rin scales are:
Pearl Gin Rin Diamond Gin Rin Beta-Gin Kado-Gin
Has a sparkle deposit in the center of each scale. Looks like a brushed aluminum sparkle. The whole scale sparkles (Most valued type). Only the rear edge of each scale sparkles.

Gin Rin scales need sunlight to be fully appreciated and are most effective on Koi with white (Shiro) & red (Hi) colouration.

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