In warmer months you should be feeding your fish 3-5 times a day no more than your fish can eat in 5 minutes, during warmer months the fish's metabolism is much quicker so a higher protein food is recommended, you can also combine a colour enhancing food around 10-20 percent of total food fed. Remember that koi do not have stomachs and need to eat small amounts more frequently so over feeding is a huge problem which will impact your filtration system,water quality,(higher levels) and ultimately your koi's Health.

In winter months with temperatures under 10 degrees koi go into "hibernation" koi are cold blooded and the ability to produce digestive enzymes in their intestines is dependent on temperature. 

You can still feed a multi season/wheatgerm food in winter 2-3 times a week. 

Coming out of winter and going into spring is a crucial time as a koi keeper and the correct food is vital as koi’s immune system will be down from winter and needs to be boosted.

Under 10 degrees 

No feeding or 1-2 with multi season

10-13 degrees 

1-2 a week 

13-16 degrees 


16-18 degrees 






25 and over 


Different food types we supply for all year round, from pond fish to high quality show koi. 

OptiKoi Growth 

OptiKoi Colour

OptiKoi Staple 

OptiKoi Boost

OptiKoi Germ