While judging the beauty of a Koi fish can be quite subjective, and a deeply personal decision. Our resident Koi keepers work tirelessly to bring only the healthiest stock forward to our customers.

We understand that the products available to Koi keepers form an essential part of maximizing their collections health, growth and color. Our products are hand picked by our resident Koi keepers.

Let us bring our expertise to your door. We specialise in pond installations, maintenance & filtration. Our Koi keepers are also on hand as the first-responders to any of your fish health concerns.

South African Koi Keepers

Optimum Koi is a family-owned business with over 20 years’ experience in the aquaculture industry. We started out doing weekly maintenance runs on ponds, pools and water features as Steve’s Koi. The business has now grown to include the construction of ponds, filtration installations and Koi health consultations.

In a bid to further support hobbyists and breeders, we are now providing South African Koi Keepers with direct access to premium Koi products, conveniently delivered to their door. We have also begun a brand new partnership, putting together an all new formulation of premium Koi food soon to be unveiled to the South African market.