Services Provided by Optimum Koi

Optimum Koi strives to provide the highest quality service with over 25 years in the industy.

Maintenance of koi ponds:

We offer a variety of contracts to suit your requirements, we offer a once and twice a week maintenance contract as well as a twice a month maintenance contract. On each maintenance we maintain the filtration system, check all fish for any sign of physical damage and treat if necessary, we take a scraping every 3 month to check for parasites and treat accordingly. All water parameters are tested on every visit. A full maintenance report will be sent to you there after. If any equipment needs replacement a quote will be submitted. Our motto is we look after the water, if the water quality is perfect your pond,filtraion and ultimately the koi will thrive

Medical Callouts:

Steve over the past 10 years has been working with qualified vets and with all the years of working with koi has gathered so much knowledge. We look after many top koi keepers collection in South Africa. We cover all areas of medicating koi from Parasite treatments, KHV testing for hobbists, we even offer just a simple on site medical consultation.

Filtration Installation:

We at Optimum koi supply and install all types of filtration system from a simple old school gravity filtration system to pressure filtration systems as well as the latest in technology the drum filter. Every pond is unique as it depends on the volume, layout/construction, budget on the filtration system.

We do upgrades on existing filtration systems.

What ever your needs may be we can assist you firstly with a on site consultation to go over every aspect of the filtration system and what is needed to have the correct and efficient filtration system for your pond.

Koi Fish Sales:

We stock only imported Japanese koi, we stock 15cm koi all the way up to 90cm covering all varieties. We stock A and B grade koi and show quality koi only. Every koi that is imported is quarantined for a minimum of 8 weeks in a heated environment there after a gill clipping or swab is taken for KHV testing once all koi come back negative will they be for sale. A certificate will be supplied on purchase. We at Optimum koi take bio security very seriously!!

Koi Food:

We manufacture our own line of koi food, we are the first company in South Africa to offer a high quality pro-biotic koi food range.

Our range consists of the following-






All foods are available in 5 ,10,20 Kgs


We stock and supply a wide range of accessories ranging from Air Blowers, Nets, Bowls, Testers


Water Conditioning Products such as Ph Buffers , Bio Booster and Clays


We offer on site consultations, from pond building, filtration, medical to the simple all you need to know about koi and koi keeping. Please note that to cover travel costs we do charge a callout fee. Please contact the office to make an appointment.

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